It is very helpful to know what resources are available to you during the process. 


At Cox Baker & Page, LLC we believe that having access to as much information as possible and getting parties as educated as possible helps clients navigate the system and make better decisions for themselves and their family. 



Take Care of Your Mental Health

Finding a therapist or counselor

Navigating this process can be overwhelming and most people find having a good therapist very helpful.   Generally, it can be a good idea to have someone to talk to who is not a family member or friend.  

Know Your Judicial Officer

This person may make decisions for you...

The Colorado Website ( has a list of judicial officers (judges and magistrates) in each judicial district. One (or more) will be assigned to your case.  Once your case is assigned a case number, you will find out which judge/magistrate will hear your case.

Online Research


Colorado Bar Association: www.COBAR.ORG

Colorado Supreme Court: www.COLORADOSUPREMECOURT.COM

Colorado State Judicial Branch: www.COURTS.STATE.CO.US

Our Courts Colorado:  www.OURCOURTSCOLORADO.ORG

New Families New Future:  www.NEWFAMILIESNEWFUTURE.ORG 

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