Everyone in our firm is active in our community, from being involved in our local bar associations to presenting at Continuing Legal Education Programs and assisting in other non-profit endeavors.  

Mary Baker and Darius Dugas are officers of the Douglas-Elbert County Bar Association.  Laura Page is an officer of the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association.  Mary Jane Cox and Laura Page are both members of the Executive Council, the elected body of the Family Law Section.  

Recently, Laura Page presented on Temporary Orders hearings at the annual Family Law Institute (August 2015). 

Over the years, the entire firm has been involved with the Douglas/Elbert High School Mock Trial tournament, including being active in running the tournament, being a volunteer during the competition and coaching high school teams. Specifically, Jane Cox has been coaching a high school team since 2014.  

Darius Dugas has presented on Privilege, Confidentiality and Public Records to the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association (March 2013):